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Southern Illinois Wireless Internet

Rural Comm is a Southern Illinois Internet provider offering high speed wireless Internet access to rural homes and businesses where other types of Internet service may not be available.

We have ten years experience serving our customers with wireless high-speed Internet and can offer low cost Residential Internet or Commercial Internet service to you.

With Rural Comm high speed Internet service, offered in over six counties and growing, we can provide you with:

  • Greater bandwidth
  • Faster Internet speeds
  • Wider coverage area
  • Faster uploads and downloads
  • Internet access for "Hard-to-Reach" areas
  • Primary or back-up Internet connection
  • Improved Internet security

Wireless Internet is named as such because the signal is transmitted wirelessly from our towers to the antenna which we install at your home or business. Wireless may also cost you less because there are no telephone company fees incurred.

With Wireless Internet, it’s easy to surf the Web, access email, or download large files and photos from your home or place of business. Rural Comm Internet currently provides 50 plus towers in over six counties with coverage to rural communities and areas like Alma, Cartter, Iola, Kinmundy, Omega, Centralia Lake and 161 East Extension. View our complete coverage area below.

To see if Rural Comm Wireless Internet service will work for you, contact us today for a FREE site survey or you can use our online request form.

Rural Comm "Connecting the Rural Community to the World"

Now Serving:

Alma ... Augsburg ... Breese ... Brownstown ... Cartter ... Salem ... Kell ... Centralia Lake ... Edgewood ... Farina ... Greenville ... Iola ... Iuka ... Junction City ... Kinmundy ... Lake Mattoon ... Mulberry Grove ... Odin ... Omega ... Opdyke ... Panama ... Patoka ... Pierron ... Pittsburg ... Pocahontas ... Raccoon ... Smithboro ... Sorento ... Reno ... St. Peter ... Vandalia ... Watson ... 161 East Ext. ...
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